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virtualfashiontour.tech is designed to outreach global trade business audience in the 1st place. So defacto global reach and penetration is a given.
Agreement on users’ contents:-
a. Agree not to deliberately violate any law, statute, ordinance, moral integrity or sovereign regulation.
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Shall not be liable:-
In cases beyond the management control arisen out of circumstances leading to unintended consequences, Acts of God, God forbids natural calamity etc.
Cancellation of subscription:-
You agree that virtualfashiontour.tech, in its sole discretion, may cancel/ terminate your username, password, remove your information within our services, for any valid reason without any prior intimation. Shall the virtualfashiontour.tech observes/ notices that there is any violation or any act inconsistent with the letter and spirit of the agreement and moral of conduct.
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The information gathered from the different sources is passed on to the viewers without any responsibility on our part and website doesn’t make any claims whatsoever.

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